Save for the Long-Term with 1.74 High Index Lenses Rimless

When your best friend is going through some tough times in her personal life, it’s hard not to get caught up and try to get her feeling new and fresh. Divorce is tough, especially when you feel like you dedicated the early years of your 20s to a man who you loved endlessly but could not love you back. Part of my train of thought was to change her look up by buying her 1.74 high index lenses rimless so that she can change her fabulous eyewear depending on her outfit. However, when you’re going through some difficult things in life it becomes very easy to justify spending a lot of money—even if you don’t have all that money accessible. No wonder Millennials are racking up debt like no tomorrow. They’ve been raised under the media’s effervescent eye in which going out to fancy restaurants or bars with your friends are worth the heavy price tag thanks to the amount of followers and likes they’ll receive on their Instagram page.


Divorce can be ugly, but it can also be a refreshing time in your life to fold over a new chapter. Fashion tricks that women often do to themselves is switch up their style by drastically changing their hair color or even developing a more casual, laid back look or the preppy, socialite look. Perhaps you’ll justify spending $5,000 on a new Prada bag because you aren’t feeling well and want people to look at you like you are still a successful person in society despite the red marks that scream your relationship status that you feel are engraved on your forehead. If you feel like you want to change your look, do it in an affordable manner by purchasing 1.74 high index lenses rimless so that you can choose various colors and patterns to match your cute new bob.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise when you find out that Millennials are placing greater importance on short-term spending versus long-term saving. However, this is not the best course of action to take since you want to live on a comfortable income level when you reach retirement at about 65 years old.


Make postcard for better price

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